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新铁血战士剧情|面条设备"Who is this, the word is popular, is a severe blow, I've been waiting in JingXiang Huang Zuyu to hit me waiting, but I defeated, had strong men to help, not the howie had already died, only that howie fatuous, will be abandoned in the brave warrior, I saw him martial arts high strength, to kill, and persuaded him to come with me for my father, and went to the river, with us back when they learned that JingXiang military forces besieged luoyang, is come to help." Lu lingqi pulled a zhaoyun, smiling at gao shundao: "uncle, son dragon this time but established a lot of credit, do not believe you can ask Mr. Yi shan.""Clatter ~"

D gradually sank down the body, this time he did not go to escape the bow and arrow, but since the horse took a shot to three feet long spears, is not he, three thousand qiang from riding behind one by one also puts off a javelin from horseback, d is low the first into the range of the other party, at the same time javelin he earned in their hands, tightly javelin range can not bolt, but also as far as twenty paces, if send out, also can cause effective damage to the enemy.Pang when get it, I do not know how to describe your own mood, have to admit, lyu3 bu4 are there is energy, and he knows when to give up, anyway us to this point, if the other governors in so doing, the wait so cut meat, but lyu3 bu4 barely hesitant, will this in most parts of the central plains is equal to life something to give.Disappointed, very disappointed!新铁血战士剧情|"Bury it somewhere, and remember to dispose of it cleanly." Zhang he was indifferent.

新铁血战士剧情|"After all, childe's foundation is in qingzhou. In jizhou, there are various old and famous families who help him. Childe is no match for them.To yesterday, even gao shun also intervened in the war situation, surprise attack meng jin, want to drive cao cao's forces out of luoyang, but was cao ren see through, the failure."Good." Lv bu turned his head and saw lv zheng in a group of bear children, curious and afraid of looking at the field is having a contest in the ma chao with the magnificent sea.

Gao shun led the army in the city residents in fear of the eyes, slowly into the city.The young man also naturally knew guan yu's temper and shook his head and said with a smile, "but at least, CAI MAO may not be wei yan's opponent, let alone gao shun.For a whole morning time, pang tong and ginger Jiong view lyu3 bu4 training for the first time, so it is in view of hell, let alone a hell of a group of girls, at this moment, they deeply realize cang said the hell of the two words is how realistic, even running yama, I'm afraid I have to be scare.新铁血战士剧情|




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