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新视通摄像头驱动地胶价格"Be smart. The door is always open for you. Just give up your training and say no to me.Wei yan looked at the military formation on the other side with a deadpan expression and sneered: "commander CAI MAO jingzhou, if you do not have this ability, what is the qualification to fight these days with our army? General gao shun has been with his Lord for many years. He has such a strong military front that even if his opponent has the superiority in troops, he is by no means an ordinary man. Can our god of war crossbow be prepared?""Jun yi, you... "Judging match dissatisfied look to zhang he.

"Target, enemy behind us, drop your arrows!" High camp around the front like nails, nail at the ferry, yuan jun around seeing more and more, hurriedly called the ship of archers put an arrow to the uneven, at the same time rows of spearmen in crowded on the ferry, under the cover of lead camp warriors were sen cold spear along the shield drill out, the cracks in the moment, let seibel pressure, a loud shout, standing on the enemy's body, move forward step by step, cannot hold so many people, narrow ferry fontes military forces while constantly converge to come over, but gathered at the ferry troops in a little bit crushed out."The shout ShaSheng, camp village wall was knocking down a long, dark forces, like lu bu there the whole camp rushed in, like a toi pour in, the individual flashing cold cold sharp arrows of the mans grazing land, air, torn with chilling cold breath, ruthless harvest garrison's life."Rumble ~"新视通摄像头驱动"Miss, here or huangzu defense area, please miss hurry to ship, under the escort miss jiangdong." Gan ning a fist way.

新视通摄像头驱动..."It is not difficult to withdraw lv bu." Country in a flash with a tree and look at Cao Caodao: "our troops and yuan jun nominal or ally, master can be letters in had a brother, said this to help them break lyu3 bu4, two sons afraid lyu3 bu4, however, will be answered, can close the three forces, while lyu3 bu4 now has not been able to stand firm footing, will he spent out of yecheng and jizhou.""Yuan's son, not quick to die!" Lyu3 bu4 nu shout in, but already took soldiers and horses to kill a bloody road, red rabbit horse like a group of flame billow and come.

"Good!" CAI MAO wen yan also reaction come over, hurriedly a finger chess flag bearer shouted: "you wait to break out to the north, don't need to follow me!"Tracing the cause and gu shao is in don't understand, why changan prosperous today at this point, bow in the heard lyu3 bu4 also in watching games, both want to see god of war, this is called the north to scramble among yi people worship, is legendary emperor, therefore in the henton invitation, after more than two people hardly want to quickly agreed.Although it is in the curse, but the hearts of the people is to feel an indescribable warm current, not they cheap, but they can feel, lv bu that angry tone of voice contained concern.新视通摄像头驱动




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