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金陵十三钗快播|空心铜针"The Silver Fox tribe has also appeared!" Another exclamation, step root hurriedly come out, twist a head around, but see two directions, almost at the same time a wolf smoke, TaBaJi powder crazy, attack two tribes at the same time, how many military forces he has?"He who descends does not kill! He who descends does not kill!""Oh ~" for a long time, repeatedly read the newspaper several times, giffin finally shook his head, should laugh.

"Eldest brother rest assured, this matter to me." Step root generous promise 1, and did not find Kui Tou at the moment in the words of a little unnatural.Doubt expression, gradually replaced by panic, see the turning point of the canyon, suddenly surged out of a torrent, hit hard on the rocks, that moment, as if the whole mountain is trembling, followed by, the vast torrent is rushing toward this side to the potential of the sky, the foot soldiers in front of the no time to react was swallowed up.These jun are following cao cao's conquest, A brave, eyes a stare, xu togeher a few home will no longer be lombardi allocated to his Euphorbia, although also calculate tough, but rarely on the battlefield, which have seen such momentum, for a while have some retreat, only xu togeher is calm, is the dress, proudly looked at them: "tell cao", old friend xu togeher to see, don't come out to meet! "金陵十三钗快播|At the gate of the city, Ma Dai saw that the garrison had hung up the no-war card. He rode his horse to the front of D, and sank into a deep voice. "Eldest brother, it seems that Zhang He was afraid of us. When he hung up the no-war card, he wanted to lure him out of the city again, even more difficult."

金陵十三钗快播|"Almost." Giffin throttled the time, thinking: "xianbei king court civil disorder, five xianbei through the first world war, with master's courage, five xianbei defeat is not far away, we are also time to send troops."Chapter XII Name and Benefit"No hurry!" Giffin looked at d, sink a track: "the success or failure of this war, related to our army and even the whole big fellow world for decades or even a hundred years from hu, not you a surname, do not act rashly, meng up general can send someone to inquire, king and daxi new meet, is the day you soldiers out of jinlianchuan!"

Ninety thousand troops, mighty from the king's court, stood on the cliff, dense army, like a tide of ants swept across the grassland under the mountain, like a black flood, swept away to the distance."This matter, when the table master." Matching a calm face, He knew that this was a good opportunity to bring down xu togeher, But the current situation, Yuan Cao decisive battle has reached a critical moment, Internal absolutely can't mess, so with the idea of trial, is to inform lombardi, and remind lombardi in the letter, at this time can not move xu togeher, otherwise it is easy to make internal chaos, there is no contradiction, after defeating cao cao, say again not late, but xu togeher, is must in addition, but wait until after victory."Let's go, though we don't have the right to do so, but the leader treats me well, serving me with good wine and meat, and serving me with beautiful ladies, so let's just sneak around in a hurry." Lyu3 bu4 stood up from the cliff, patted the dust on his body, looked down at the cliff under the xianbei king's court, eyes flashed a glimmer of scorching, wei ch'ing, huo qubing, he lyu3 bu4 also can win, one day, he will xianbei again back to mobei, dare not south.金陵十三钗快播|




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