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感觉你湿润我19楼|金考网上阅卷With the command of guan yu, the troops left in the city quickly went up the wall, originally under the onslaught of pan zhang began to precarious south city was quickly stabilized.The men in the first and second trenches, hearing the horn of retreat, hurried back to the rear trenches, while an altar of fire and oil tanks were continually thrown from behind into the first and second trenches."Kill ~" front row of jingzhou soldiers quickly raised rattan shield, toward wei camp to kill.

"What is the governor saying?" On one side of the He Qi some unknown, puzzled look to lu su."But there are three thousand elite guanzhong city, those people, is difficult to deal with. Li hun or some worry, people get old, naturally no young people that impulse.The order was passed on, Soldiers of the armed forces tightened the string also finally relaxed, The next morning, in lu su whole equipment station, ready to meet guan yu's new round of attack, opposite the camp is quiet, there is no sign of troops, sent scouts to check, guan yu camp is not empty camp, even smoke is rising as usual, methodical fire cooking, no offensive meaning.感觉你湿润我19楼|"Despise Chao Kuo?" Lu Zheng seemed to guess what Ma Su was thinking. He shook his head and waved. "Let's go," he said.

感觉你湿润我19楼|The two looked at each other and laughed at the same time.Under the wall, there are still undead men moan in despair, whether it is the enemy or his own, even if saved, the probability of survival is not high, if the war began, lu su can also have some compassion, then listen to these if there is no moan, in addition to numbness, the rest is only indifference.Guan yu slightly frown, at the moment jiangdong army has been into the city, the wall to continue to keep it is no longer necessary, harsh voice way: "ring the trumpet, life from the west side of the city."

Guan Yu looked at tardif, his eyes narrowed slightly, was about to answer, but a PianJiang Chen has been clapping and dancing gun, snapped: "how to kill chickens with a bull's knife, general stay a moment, at the end of the will capture the man's head...""At the end of the day!" Tardif stepped forward."You see, Quoa is a port, more benefit water war, although Guan Yu did defense in the port, but obviously not water war, defense is full of mistakes and omissions, He Qi, Zhou Tai!"感觉你湿润我19楼|




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