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达菲概念股f3本草唇净霜General door tiger female, lv lingqi recognizes this white horse naturally is the good foal that sees rarely, see happy under, take a person to catch up with, want to catch up this rare BMW, although her catching fire is good also, it is lv bute chooses, not as bad as white dragon, but as a military officer, who can doubt too much a BMW?The lyu3 bu4 prior zero area, assembled twelve thousand horses, d there, lyu3 bu4 no light, but to make d to sit tight, if there is an opportunity, hitting the huns lair, but also a nail, as long as d there motionless, huns must be part of the energy to alert d sneak attack, and according to lyu3 bu4 intelligence gathered during this period, the huns, though weakened, but if in, can be assembled at least thirty thousand and forty thousand control strings, force is at least twice or even three times, lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 although not afraid, but with ten thousand horses to eat three times the enemy is not easy, and even if eaten, Their own side is bound to lose a lot of money."The eastern gate of the capital of the post, temporarily from you to take charge, order each door, shut the gate, no one will not go in without my will." Lyu3 bu4 chose a person in several long, under his insight ability, the ability of anyone can see through at a glance, choose, nature is the strongest one, also is the easiest to convince public.

Only destroy, cannot occupy, lv bu's army and horses add up to no more than 8,000, the division of troops everywhere, will only make lv bu's whole force become weak.Jia xu smell speech zhang opened his mouth, but see the expression of lv bu, after all did not say, treason is a big crime, although this will make the world family more loathing lv bu, but even if not kill, those people will still loathing lv bu, for the family, lv bu is now more than debt not pressure body.If the lyu3 bu4, guan yu, zhang fei, the count of force of top military commanders, one can achieve two star, regardless of the skills, you can touch the threshold, second-rate military commanders with familiar people to speak, the begin, He Man is this level (touch with second-rate second-rate threshold is not a level, don't be confused).达菲概念股"Don't worry." A look at the shirakawa, sima light way: "I have get in contact with Carthage, chang 'an, now more than five hundred dead, as long as we successfully breached the general office, city the sentinels will be someone to pick up, we can take the occupation of changan, tuen mun in the party's thirty thousand military forces will take over the river, with our inside, then lyu3 bu4 ares is alive, can only return to the west is cool."

达菲概念股"The merit speaks." Li ru gently pointed out, "in five days or three, my Lord will return triumphantly. I hope you can make a wise decision before then. There are still important tasks in the army.Tian feng walked into the conference hall with a sullen face, a clear and wordy face, and an indescribably angry face. At the moment when he saw yuan shao, he said angrily, "my Lord, the battle is about to begin with cao cao. ?"So, burn when Lao wang must die, only after the differentiation, then gradually swallowed, these burn block qiang disrupted, only load zheng xi general house interests.

Chang 'an, the beginning of the battle was very abrupt.Ha mu er see, cover wound, roar way: "kill!"The mind of one person is not easy to control, the mind of a group of people is more difficult to unite, but it is easier to do than to control the mind of a person.达菲概念股




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