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善德女王结局|蔓妮韵瘦身贴"This battle is very important to zhou yu. If he wins, he will be able to ease the internal contradictions in jiangdong with jingzhou. But if he loses, the internal contradictions in jiangdong will become increasingly acute. "Jia xu did not finish, but looked at lu bu with a smile."Get out of here! One cavity looks forward to, finally get is such a result, in the chest panic gradually turned into anger, broke a porcelain again, liu zhang's roar spread throughout the whole ci shi fu.Two was the shot sleeve crossbow, the two have a nighthawk who tiger who shot into the corner, then into a battlefield, each hand holding a dagger, in the crowd, but like walk freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, with somewhat heroic spirit in the enchanting posture, every action is quite elegant, dagger swing, is without mercy, blood stained with skirt, like in the land of the dead blossom a bright datura flower general.

"Poop-poop ~" gold pieces short shot from a different direction of the arrow, the tiger who, after all, are the elite around cao cao in the tiger who and at the head of the warning that a moment, and then responded, still some arrows in the fall on the ground."All the officers and soldiers are fully prepared for the battle. They can only wait for the return of the Lord and the Lord. General yi DE has been busy these two days without stopping." Ma liang smiled and said that zhang fei was probably the most excited person in jingzhou when he learned that zhuge liang would send troops.Meng da strode in, toward liu zhang bow body way: "the end will see Lord gong."善德女王结局|"It is absurd. Zhou yu broke the alliance without permission and attacked our army. It is only his own fault. ?" Chen said, "if you attack jiangxia without any reason today, you will be laughed at all over the world."

善德女王结局|"Lord, the situation is over, kaesong surrender." Kates sighed, some sophisticated look to milan, I have lost heart, not just those from outside LangZhong camp soldiers, even in this city, to the family of officials, down to the soldiers and the people, and even have long been milan stands bias by these people, and they had a few people in this situation is willing to talk to milan, and?Big Joe immediately became pale and quickly looked at little Joe angrily and said, "what is your sister talking about? Women should not interfere in military affairs."Liu zhang's eyes complex look at the liu d 'rend a glance, and look at the two, the truth of the matter has been clear, but sighed, shook his head: "this matter is also to blame me, if not for my months of not director, more wrong trust adulterer, also not let the adulterer get

Chapter 88 the heart is utterly lost, and the people forsake< / p > < p > fu DE bared his teeth to cover the leg of the arrow, now jiangdong has won the jiangxia, the situation between sun liu has been completely torn, want to reconcile is impossible, his task is completed, but at the moment a bit relaxed."Good, that please ask general zhang accompany military adviser pang tong to march to jiangzhou, help him pacify yizhou." Lu zhengsu rong said.善德女王结局|





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