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刘彩英藏益渭散"General hansheng, yesterday I asked zhang to come here for medical treatment. What is the problem of my father?" < / p > < p > in the imperial palace, got liu bei's advice, liu qi will drag jiang xia to Chen, then non-stop back to xiangyang, at the moment with huang zhong, a face of worry to see the direction of the body bedroom."Good!" Lv bu nodded, and madai's horses were still camped on the mountain, but now it was time to use the army.Originally, he had just died, his brother, in the heart of grief, you came out of nowhere a noisy, but also on the merit of pride, speech is extremely harsh, mo said xu chu such a rash man, is the hall of cao cao these people listen to some fire, but can not say what.

"I have nothing to do with that," said the general. Pang tong stood up and shook his head. He didn't expect to be absent for three days. As a result, he was directly involved in the case of the governor of wei county.These jingzhou forces, have been collapsed, this place is not suitable for large-scale cavalry, d want to breath will kill all these jingzhou forces, but the terrain, cavalry could not spread, can only helplessly looking at a large number of soldiers fled, is only in the array is a little bit of harvest the jingzhou soldiers life behind.刘彩英"Zhaoyun? Tong yuan old son of that close disciple?" With a flash of memory in his eyes, han rong looked at zhang liao and said, "it's no wonder that I know this martialism. Thirty years ago, I fought with my master for the position of no gun, but unfortunately I lost. Zhaoyun child also cast lv bu?"

刘彩英Now, don't ask."I have seen Lord Yang." Gu shao and lu xun hurriedly bow way."The deer... "Sima lang said these two words, a body of energy exhausted, silently hung down the head, family revenge not reported, unfulfilled ambition, but died here, sima lang unwilling.

"No?" It would have been a good thing, but it sounded like thunder in the ears of the high - skilled."Yuan tan, why is he here?" "And where did this army come from?"The return of true quick, your etc. First block, I later come!" Liu biao shook his head and motioned to qin wei to step down. He took the two men to a well in the garden and said to huang zhong, "the secret road lies in this dry well.刘彩英





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