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甲醇汽车概念股尚凝99祛斑原液"Out of camp!" Wei yan a wave of his hand, YuanMen open, with three thousand chosen men quickly out of the camp, looking at the military forces of zhang fei in the distance, wei yan can not help but sneer at 1: "the shu veteran eight thousand military forces were killed by us, zhang fei unexpectedly only took five thousand people out of the camp today, all the soldiers prepare for war, rub a good rub zhang fei spirit.""You..." Lyu3 bu4 did not continue to say more on this topic, thought about it: "I heard that Guan Er scored into Jiangdong, Wen He feel, how about the victory or defeat?"Deyang county towers, is looking at the war situation with thousands of miles of mirror pang tong in see this pretty soldiers appeared, will know that zhuge liang is absolutely against wei the elite soldiers.

Yin ling city is not YiqueGuan, lu su although fierce, but guarding city soldiers obviously can't compare with the elite of the guanzhong, also don't lyu3 bu4 in the western regions of those believers general fanatics dauntless courage to die, in guan yu's view, to break Yin ling, really not difficult."You don't have to know who I am, tomorrow will have to know, tonight someone will raid the camp, so into general let me to his troops, the talisman here, you generals just need to wait for my dispatch." Lu Zheng looked at a general, sink a track.The shrill screams and the roar of the sky were gradually overshadowed, Zhang fei took time to take a look, but see in his fight with wei this dozens of time, jingzhou army has been defeated, the reason is not collapsed, not because of jingzhou army quality is high, can die not to retreat, but the other side of the army seems to have a kind of stickiness, will not be a lot of soldiers card owners, forward and backward.甲醇汽车概念股Sun quan looked at zhang zhao, eyes flashed complex look, from lv meng against jiangxia, sun quan has moved to destroy liu bei, then with cao cao alliance, against lyu3 bu4's mind, and this time, if lyu3 bu4 intervene, regardless of victory or defeat, but jiangdong, I'm afraid will be lyu3 bu4 seize the opportunity to penetrate, sun's position in jiangdong, will be shaken by lyu3 bu4.

甲醇汽车概念股"Here!""The guanzhong how many military forces into shu?" This is YanYan most care about, if the guanzhong military forces are equipped with the strong bow crossbow, then the battle also need not be fought."Despise Chao Kuo?" Lu Zheng seemed to guess what Ma Su was thinking. He shook his head and waved. "Let's go," he said.

"Yes." The general took over a bowl of tea, Looking up and drinking, excited way: "jiangdong water army although fierce, but if the land war, but still I jingzhou army stronger, master shrink line of defense, but is to bring jiangdong water army to land, just like those jiangdong dog thief attack to general Chen, master will shrink the front to lie in the area of ox mountain, at the same time ordered people to send a letter to jun xu.""Time." Zhuge Liang looked at Zhang Fei and said, "We can't afford to spend time with them. If we can't conquer Shu as soon as possible, it will take a long time. Jingxiang may change at any time."Has been accustomed to the guanzhong elite ultra-long range wei yan is obviously not fit to command the war, the task of presiding over the war was entrusted to zhang ren, a siege vehicle under the cover of wooden beast began to attack the wall.甲醇汽车概念股




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