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梅州haobc vip钾旺颗粒水溶肥Nobody know what milan to zhangsong, but it seems that this is not particularly happy, because milan is the black face, and leave in milan, after zhangsong also let a person from the entrance to the living room in cleaning the again, it is obvious that the two have the bye, for shu dynasty, nature is happy watching, but after this, as long as milan puppet, unwilling to do so darling family opposition from milan and shu have been predictable."Dost thou... Who are you waiting for?" Fu DE suddenly roared, he felt very wrong, not caught by cao cao, but fell into the hands of lu bu.After shaking her head, sun jing smiled sadly and said, "I don't know, it seems that guanzhong has made new things. These means of guanzhong are emerging in endlessly!"

"Or... "Xia houyuan looked at cao cao and hesitated for a moment.Wang ran is wang li's son and nephew, liu zhang this just remembered, although wang lei is loyal minister, but also is the same family, he would give this kind of thing to a family to do, shook his head, liu zhang disappointed way: "this thought, wang qing and other family people are different, now it seems, but also the same birds of a feather."Do it. After this, I'll promote you to yizhou." Patting meng da on the shoulder, liu zhang said happily, not noticing meng da's strange face.梅州haobc vip

梅州haobc vipLiu bei looked at cao cao with a smile and shook his head, saying, "han sheng is a loyal and good man. Not only is his martial arts unsurpassed, but what is more valuable is his sincere heart." He naturally can see, cao cao had to draw huang zhong's mind.After sun jing off, cao cao back to camp, to xh, inquiry results, only the results, let cao cao drop of blood, from the first arrow, correlation, both sides after the cavalry, infantry with array forced retreat seibel, a field battle down, cao cao lost nearly twenty thousand horses, the results, let cao cao drop of blood in the heart, the war of fifty thousand, but the elite of jun, travelling, experienced, fighting capacity.Cut is Wu Yizhi wu, a typical two sai-jo one, by the wu today in shu force while don't provoke family, but it is famously lawless, strong rob commoner through this kind of matter, on him, on the other hand, is a small, in theory, even if pieces too much, but it is still at large, more than that, the liu's many children or families are not under the rule of law include, how it makes people convinced?

Although the number of people, but on behalf of the central plains, jiangdong, jingxiang, shu, almost two-thirds of the world, the ceremony of worship ceremony cao cao this time prepared but quite sufficient, with cao cao at his command, prepared officers and men on the incense table, will be on the three animals and six livestock, after the ceremony to heaven and earth, blood oath."General! In gao shun's camp, a crossbow soldier was about to shoot when a large hand caught his crossbow and looked at gao shun doubtfully.In that year, nanyang was emptied by lv bu, one million immigrants, but caused a huge response, during that time, including under the rule of lv bu, no one did not scold lv bu, make nanyang for several years no one is willing to take office, left enough space for liu bei to follow lv bu, but jingzhou is different.梅州haobc vip




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