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11选5代理 皇恩娱乐|成都易拉宝"It seems that in addition to wu college, zheng son should also go to other colleges to study." Lv bu could not help shaking his head and picked up lv zheng: "I ask you, zheng son, if your finger pain unbearable, you are the choice to ask the doctor to cure it, or directly cut it off, so that it no longer pain?"Ranjan's eyes widened in surprise and he put his hand over his lips, watching in disbelief.Distant footsteps sounded, a horse and horse appeared at the end of the official road, the garrison at the head of the city quickly stood up, looked over, but saw a military horse coming this way.

The army has suddenly become workers, ravines or mining, some wood continuously shipped quickly and begin to build a wooden fence, at the same time, every place of the arrow, start to build a tower, very wonderful style, and seemed to be trained, less than half an hour, as the foundation to open, past the towers began to credit orienwise.11选5代理 皇恩娱乐|"The general will be welcomed back!" Not waiting for everyone into the city, a horse has come out of the city, but when he saw wei yan, can not help but slightly a zheng, alert up: "who are you?

11选5代理 皇恩娱乐|"Get up, all of you." Lv bu looked at the monks and frowned, "what happened?""Did not expect, liu bei still rose!" The hussar rode in the mansion, lu bu gave the information to jia xu, shook his head and said with a smile: "it's really time!"Zhang lu did not let pang tong disappointed, two people talk, two horses from the south zheng both sides of the fight, from the two wings to wei yan encirclement.

Two hundred steps later, someone tried to destroy the wall, but it was not possible to do so with the help of human labor."But Lord lu and his family... "Lv meng does not understand way, lu xun and gu shao have returned, now is lobbying each big family to persuade boycott lv bu.< / p > < p > xia houyuan tired looked at the door bo one eye, no more words, straight with the horse into the city, early in the morning xu chang street pedestrians are not too much, looking at some cold and quiet, xia houyuan did not stay, straight with people to si kongfu and go.11选5代理 皇恩娱乐|




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