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うるや寔繰|牢朕試凛殆"Have you heard from zhou cang?" Just said after a while, lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 now of the few things, focus on the battle of guandu this year not to fight, basically has become the consensus that lyu3 bu4 with his three thinkers, hetao unfolding drama of would-be, though few, but very exciting, temporarily also a threat, and then in addition to the interior water in time, is the thing always wandering outside Addis, let lu bu one of the more disturbing.Many people respond, this old camp, but there are a lot of huns slaves here, filled with anger as if to get a vent general, a slave is constantly pulled out of their own home, and then was killed alive.Zhaoyun some messy, they left the central plains this year, what happened? Should be destroyed by cao cao lv bu, suddenly became the yong cool Lord, the hussar riding general, big man son-in-law?

"Lv bu, lv fengxian?" Pang tong continue to stick his neck, and this is not really don't back, lyu3 bu4 is too high, even if he is just sitting in a chair, pang tong are hard up (lyu3 bu4 ten feet tall, with the measurement unit of han dynasty to calculate words, is two meters in front, low than yao Ming, so the classmate don't understand is wrong, here a post, but there is no 3 m)."This is the strategy of our han people," he said. Hey hey...... "Rare ye second article, to the end can not go on, the army han embarrassed smiled and said:" the han sui under the general, in fact, in the forecast did not prepare to catch, there is a li kan is enough, who knows in the chaotic army was surrounded by your people, tomorrow also have to find a way to put him back.The teacher on the other side smiled sadly and said, "brother boda, why do you want to run away from me? I am only a small scholar, and I have no future to speak of. Lv bu is very strict in guarding my family. Even if I want to climb up the ladder, I am afraid that lv bu will fall down.うるや寔繰|"Rolling rolling ~ which ugly ghost, also dare to call themselves famous! ?" Escort head despise of looking at ugly man way: "stab shi adult again is you this etc. Ugly ghost have qualification see of?"

うるや寔繰|Holding a little lamb, the old herdsman looked at the sky, mumbling, people stay in a place for a long time, will always have feelings for this piece of land, these herdsman in hetao area living for a long time, will naturally do not know whether to feel like a kind of local feeling, have a peaceful life, who is willing to run all day?"Lord Lord don't blame, this matter palace also have the crime of oversight!" "Chen gong said with a wry smile.This feeling, for him, had not been in his life for a long time, and he had even forgotten what it was like.

", to prepare for a fresh start, and it can't let any strangers know, father will make a training course for you, took the western regions, don't go to the occupation of the city, we are now, western regions also have no a power to go to the elite, you follow my method to train a group of spies, or call, at the same time, many western intelligence collection, short for a year, long is three years, our army will burn the western regions, then, is to validate your results.""Ask him in." Jia xu smelled speech and nodded.Although hate to tooth itch, but also helpless, truth, lyu3 bu4 say yes, but it means, soft knife to cut meat, drove a glamorous in the past, celebrities demeanor of the philistines had to put a low profile, low the noble head, even give up their dignity to do things for lyu3 bu4, for the family, is a big shame.うるや寔繰|




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