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色戒删除片段|黎明液压有限公司Xiongkuo haiwen speech had to shut up.All the west cool down the army smell speech, finally slightly relieved, d just look too scary, they really worry about when d returned, will insist on killing them."Hum, brag!" A hard touch, just probing, also let two people to each other's strength probably have an understanding, the stalemate on the strength of d more confidence, lyu3 bu4 is not so fierce in legend.

"I know it, but..." Wei Yan put down another bamboo paper in his hand, That's the military order from changan, There's been a lot of rumor going on, Wei yan has been ready to be replaced at any time, after all, compared to others, he is just a new general, now alone led an army, this is easy to hate, plus this rumor, let wei yan was once discouraged, zhong yao these days, more than once sent to recruit, undeniable, there are a few times, wei yan."Said my general, If your excellency is willing to accept, Tonight, Can take a team to our camp, Then you can go to East Camp, My general will open east camp guard, and He Yi He Man will also be placed in the east camp, when adults just rushed into the east camp, killed He Yi He Man brothers, my general can take the opportunity to lead the surrender of adults, of course, if adults willing to believe, but at the end of the will go back, my adult tonight will carry He Yi He Man's head, come to offer. " Li Bao will be said before the good strategy said again.Big Joe sitting on lyu3 bu4 not far from the piano, a beautiful note from the emerald fingertips leapt out, in the middle of the attic, little Joe a light gauze, petite and delicate figure, dancing out of a beautiful dance.色戒删除片段|Look at liu meng head also don't go back, Korea hence eyebrows gradually wrinkled, if the huns retreat, lyu3 bu4 with moon people back, the battle is difficult to fight!

色戒删除片段|"Farewell." Seibel nodded toward wei yan and zhou cang, straight across the north bank, with QinWei toward the locust."Yes!" Male broad sea a purge, loudly replied."Ah?" The lieutenant looked blankly at Chen Xing.

"Come back to town with me, all that descend pawns!" Sighed lightly, ma dai looked at a group of daunted surrender, wry smile a track: "don't worry, the general just because of hatred fainted mind, to kill Korea hence old son, nature will wake up, and now my horse has been formally loyal to general west, the highest command of the jingling, is not general ma."Hey law ~"Death!" Xiongnu martial arts frightened, hands mace ruthlessly to each other in the past, directly will be the famous head smashed.色戒删除片段|




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