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双子星公主大结局|广东万和集团有限公司"Tian shuiyang fu, quite a debater, worthy of this duty!" Jia xu spoke the candidate in his heart.In the crowd, pang tong silently watching cao cao's army leave, he with jia xu's idea is similar, to lu bu, at the moment also more than a few points of identification, when broken is broken, when she is given up, no disorderly act the hero, perhaps...... Let's have a look, but it would suit him if he came.Three figure out from the jungle, light falls on the ground, long a symmetrical shape, like a hair, if not destroy the beauty who the mask on the face, in any place to see such a figure, was enough to let a man become really interested, however, falling at the moment and big JiShi heart, no heart, only endless fear.

"Is zilong ready?" Looking at zhaoyun, liu bei has some helplessness, how also did not expect things to get to such a point."Unfortunately, I jingzhou no fierce support, otherwise, how to rout so far?" Under wang wei's tent, general wang lian smiled sadly."Yes, thank you, general." Gu shao bao quan way, there han DE left a famous city after the guard, but has left with the horse.Chapter v chang 'an observations双子星公主大结局|"Today the changes of situation in hebei province, plus a master's wrist, spent know jizhou family will be there, I'm afraid all the family is a performance, liu table chariot horses in nanyang, not only will not help a Lord to cao cao, in contrast, are more likely to encamped against hilo-systems, if so, I'm afraid our hard to avoid danger of between Scylla and Charybdis, seibel alone, wei two horses, I'm afraid not enough to resist Cao Liubing horse."

双子星公主大结局|In the mist of blood, one could hear the sound of screams, but at least two hundred soldiers were swallowed up without any resistance under the great crossbow."Lord, the end is near!" In the crowd, a military officer hurried forward."Maybe... "Lv bu wanted to think way:" ten million big money... "

This s, can be really han people, for many grassland man, be a good choice, after all, man struggles upwards, short life, grasslands where comparable to ease of han Chinese, so this time, the slaves under the deterrence of lyu3 bu4, didn't want to in the past, each trying to kill contributions, be lyu3 bu4's true fighters.GuanYuWen, phoenix eye a narrow, let out a whoop of disdain the cold hum, obviously was not satisfied with the evaluation of wei junshi, cold hum a track: "the Sir Is too highly of him."Under the setting sun, looking at the closed gate and the head of the city for the liu word banner, gao shun frowned at the magnificent sea: "how can liu bei be here?"双子星公主大结局|




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