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cctv3万家邀明月山东博汇集团有限公司"Why did the general say so?" Tardif and others puzzled to tracing the cause, in their view, guan yu defense is doing well.Chapter ninety-eight wei VS zhang feiGuan yu is watching the battle in the array, suddenly a tight heart, years of war honed out of the instinct let him subconsciously hide, only listen to sting a light ring, head a light, but is tassel helmet was shot down, if not he hide in time, this arrow, I'm afraid it will hit his head.

"If the tetrarch wants jiangdong to continue to help contain cao liu, jiangdong nature to save."Even crossbows continue to shoot out, constantly hapless soldiers in the arrow fell to the ground, the rear soldiers quickly picked up rattan shield, continue to move forward, in case, zhang fei is not two rattan shield stack, but will be three rattan shield stack together, even into the range of 50 steps, the guanzhong army crossbow still failed to penetrate rattan shield."Wu Chin?" Cheng Fang frowned. "What's he doing here so late?"cctv3万家邀明月Just at the moment jingzhou army has been endlessly killed into the song, even if want to break, all directions are the enemy, and guan yu also had to guard against two people while the chaos break, laid a heavy army in the east, tardif and He Qi rely on the familiar terrain, after several combinations, ultimately unable to break through.

cctv3万家邀明月"You and Zhao Kuo, are all talented people, but do not accumulate small steps to thousands of miles, you step too far, and in the character of Zhuge Kongming, under his command, want to stand alone, only when the real crisis has a chance, and without the accumulation before, rashly assume the big responsibility, just like you.In the dull sound, with the flying dust dispersed, appeared in the line of sight, but a few shields together, flying arrow cluster did not cause any harm."Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way.

"Guan yu I an arrow, but I had done my best, the arrow can't hurt bones and muscles, can't give him a chance to recover, male seedlings, you hurry to urge tracing the cause of general, let him quickly sent troops to catch and kill guan yu, I'll take people out of the city challenge, frustrate jingzhou army spirit, call him not good again!" Tardif excitedly pulled HeQi way."Kongming, what do you mean?" Pang Tongyi startled face to zhuge liang."Sze-yuen, how about that?" Pang tong back, wei hurriedly meet up.cctv3万家邀明月





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