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q秀文笔文学餐巾纸机器Spring march is the season of spring flowers, but cao cao's sikongfu, the atmosphere is cold and terrible."Roar ~"Deng zhan was shocked by lu bu's decisive answer and shook his head. "did the champion think I was a three-year-old? Let him go. How can I live?"

"Inform the general, general ma will come to inform the general, wu an has been under, zang ba died, wu an cao army has all surrendered.Lyu3 bu4 now account homo habilis, especially in general, in warfare, zhang liao have marshal, seibel randome, five generals, moreover, but under five, wei yan, blanc, xu sheng for top, xu sheng has the information of name, keep blanc, aggressive Wei Yanze, and willingness to take risks, to surprise in hanzhong city, wei is the most suitable candidate."Are you from guanzhong?" At this time Yang renna did not know that they have been calculated.q秀文笔文学Pang tong turned his eyes and waved to a soldier. "take Yang ren and kneel down in front of the city with Yang bo."

q秀文笔文学Wei yan was the chief general of the three armies. As long as they could kill wei yan, they would still have a chance.Heard of the qiang people are in the arms, near tianshui of the qiang people, because they don't accept lyu3 bu4 naturalization, turned in qinling, put in hanzhong, britons to be the people with wide, to the qiang people, is willing to accept, but a lot of the qiang people leaders asked britons divided into a place for their accomplishment, this let britons is very difficult, after all, plain in hanzhong city is such a big place, hanzhong itself is crowded, where the extra land to the qiang people, can only let the qiang people and efficiencies mixed, only in this way, to avoid conflict with each other, hanzhong with religious state, since is a religious state, The purpose is to guide rather than to return to the law as guanzhong, and therefore, during this period of time, all parts of hanzhong were busy mediating qiang han disputes."Oh?" Cao cao looked at each other and frowned, saying, "follow me."

"Horse iron obey! "Said zhang liao.Xunyou suddenly came up with an idea in his mind, looking at xun yu: "mingxiu plank road secretly Chen cang?""What do you think?" Lu bu did not answer, but looked at lu zheng and smiled.q秀文笔文学




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