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坏蛋外传陕西融和集团Chapter one hundred and thirteen god arrow retreat"General, how to do?" Outside the city of nanyang, pound camp, a new round of loss ratio sent up, although most of the dead are mercenaries in the western regions, but even with human life to add, such a long distance, and li yan or layer upon layer of defense tactics, put thirty thousand mercenaries in the western regions, all can't add to the city of nanyang.Although the speed of the engineering battalion was fast, the trenches of nearly two hundred paces were dug for two hours.

"Unknown rat, dare to harm me!" See this person's appearance, guan yu is angry not to play a place, he is a magnificent general, famous under the sky, if tardif, zhou tai also even, such a rodent, also dare to shake him tiger, really deceive too much."Second brother!" See clearly in the hands of the head, wu jin couldn't help but cry.Listen to tardif behind the cry, guan yu surface sink like water, with the soldiers continue to rush, but in the heart is silent malicious, wait for him to raise the wound, must kill this fellow personally.坏蛋外传But at this point, guan yu, tardif the two members belong to liu bei and sun quan camp's top fighters to fight again, the stirred up blood still let the soldiers on both sides see the blood boiling.

坏蛋外传In fact, that battle, equivalent to their defeat, and then came lyu3 bu4 has strategized in shu, more let liu bei have a sense of anxiety, in the strategy of zhuge liang for him, shu is very important or even a key link."Second brother!" See clearly in the hands of the head, wu jin couldn't help but cry."At the end of the day he will lead his life." He Qi hurriedly promised, began to arrange a vigil.

This is also sun quan and all jiangdong wenwu most concerned about, if only to see the results, please lyu3 bu4, really can solve jiangdong's power, but after? Lyu3 bu4 will help you for no reason, if lyu3 bu4 really unconditional help, that instead to be careful."Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"坏蛋外传





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