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姚劲波的老婆|宝肤灵官网Marten was blue with iron. He looked at Chengtou. He needed to make a fuss of it. His voice roared with anger, "Han Sui, get out of here!""Why not?" Wei yan a rein, meet to cao peng, two members of the general at this time is a match, once again launched a slaughter."Sister ~" felt a slight chill in her chest, followed by a pair of hot hands, Joe exclaimed at the red-faced Joe.

Li Kan saw morale is not high, hurriedly changed the topic: "This seibel must be with lyu3 bu4 under the most elite troops, although our side is difficult to play, but the direction of the mud Yang, general chengyi there must be much easier, perhaps has broken the mud Yang at this time!""Drive ~""Xiongkuohai, Zhou Cang, He Yi, He Man and Wen He are enough." Lyu3 bu4 thought about it and said, "Take too many people and they will cause the resistance of Baishui Qiang."姚劲波的老婆|Until the pike to break the air, liang xing just react, just at this time want to block has been impossible, hurriedly a will be beside a west cool army pulled to block in front of himself.

姚劲波的老婆|"Master." Two people to cao cao see ceremony, respectively, in cao cao's motions, each find a place to sit down.The Han people have fallen, Central plains, will eventually fall under the iron hoofs of the huns, the han people who dare to invade the huns and those who dare to help the han people of the moon people, must accept the harshest punishment, with the most ferocious means, the han people and the moon people buried in this land, will be beautiful and rich moon lake under the rule of the huns."Well, jincheng county to you, I can only give you five thousand military forces, but to occupy jincheng county as soon as possible, if you can, west gansu also want to take, I will wait for the west gansu occupation." Lyu3 bu4 patted cioffi on the shoulder.

"A rare good skill, but for a thief? If you surrender at this time, I will recommend to the prime minister in you, add officer jin jue, not to mention!" Cao Peng looked at wei yan, lang track.Martial arts died, this will let the broken Cao Junxin panic, see him now in the array, immediately no heart, I don't know who, the first to throw away weapons, then run, the rest of jun said also a panic escape, really can't escape, then knelt on the ground to raise the weapons above the top, make a surrender."Big movement did not, but last night the city of millet sent several waves of people, in addition, the moon people just came the news, the other several huns tribes also sent people to the west cool."姚劲波的老婆|




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