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克隆人战争第四季|云云手机报价Chapter twenty-eight give marriage"Lingzhou?" Niyang camp, heard the report, zhang liao came to the map, smiled and said: "it seems that ziming has been stationed in fuping, there are two places, can protect our army without worry, tube general, please lead one thousand troops into goju, echoed with our main force, I will inform seibel general, another one thousand troops in you.""Burning oil ~ Burning oil!" Instant thought of what the knife shield hand crazy crowded behind the crowd, while hysterical uttered a despairing cry.

...Chen xing frowned, don't look at the candidates siege, but if he really sent troops to support seibel, candidates will not put in the past."My body has nothing else to ask for, only hope to be able to return to the han, if you can get what you want, my body for the rest of my life WenHou Ende." The woman decently put on clothes, don't mind the body is lyu3 bu4 see light, will eventually calm eyes to lyu3 bu4.克隆人战争第四季|That night, in the dead of night, The gates of martial arts are opened quietly, Chen Xing himself took with him a dozen cavalry men temporarily equipped with nags, Quietly close to the camp, In less than an arrow place, with Chen Xing commanded, more than a dozen already commanded soldiers rallied to start a drum and gongs, immediately, across the candidate camp a chicken flying dog jump, countless west cool army rushed out of the camp, ready to fight, however, Chen Xing has already fled with the troops.

克隆人战争第四季|"Oh, this is lyu3 bu4 under general?" D on horseback, watching the situation ahead, saw the ladder is about to rushed to the wall, but the defenders on the city has no reaction, can not help laughing, disdain to look around people way: "It is difficult under the reputation, didn't expect this seibel, also not too much.""Mr. Yuanhua!?" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly opened his eyes, incredible look to stand aside, like looking at rare animals look at their own figure, a face of consternation."The general waited until he was angry." Coppage smiled and said, "I know the general loyalty, would rather die than surrender, but if the general died, liu bei's two wives became tsao gong captive, even if tsao gong not embarrassed, but also will not have much care, in the future to xuchang, two wives alone, general have thought about the situation of the two wives in the future?"

Zhong yao smell speech, sit still, sink a track: "hum, come on, take this man down for me!""Lyu3 bu4 stirred up the rebellion of the moon people, attacked our king's court, we must immediately rushed back to rescue the king's court." Liu Meng looked at Korea hence, with some displeasure."General zhang, you take people to clean up the mess, at the end of the general will go after less!" Ezra pound is also a change in complexion, hurriedly to one side of the embroidery explain 1, horse single knife, toward d left the direction of chase.克隆人战争第四季|




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