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迷糊天使全集|2元母猪价格"General rao life, I wish to surrender!" Seeing the situation in the city gradually clear, many of the soldiers have knelt down to wei yan surrender.Even liu bei, who was still in a state of confrontation and mutual erosion, began to conduct census and household registration verification subconsciously after hearing this news, and at the same time increased his own protection force. Who would believe that lu bu just planted these terrible assassins in cao cao's side?'but I want to kill people now, too! Cao cao threw his sword on the ground and roared angrily.

"Just look at lu bu's attitude towards foreigners these years, if not let baiji destroy the country, lu bu will not give up!" Xun yu stood up and sighed: "if your majesty ordered lu bu to stop attacking baiji at this time, my minister thought that lu bu would not only not respect him, but also intensify his efforts. At that time, your majesty's majesty will disappear!""Kong Ming and shi yuan, are a rare talent. Xu shu nodded his head and sighed. Lu bu once said, "in this world, there is a genius."It's xia houyuan! Take back a thousand li mirror, zhang liao hey smile way: "some years have not seen, now meet, is also fate!"迷糊天使全集|"Shaft! Hall sword, finally died in the hands of a child, deng exhibition rage of an arrow to lv zheng.

迷糊天使全集|Ma chao, who had rushed to the gate with his horse and horse, turned pale and raised his hand and said, "bolt suppression!"Soon, along the direction of the tax-free appeared a military horse, black clothes and armor, not many people, but the momentum but ran, in front of a horse, but an ugly han dressed in a suit of scribes, with military horses came."No." "Huang zhong replied.

"The first warrior of the frost kingdom?" Lyu3 bu4 scanned one eye to pull out Hanna dead not close one's eyes of corpse, funny shook head, true don't know this person arrive here after all is stem what?"Kill!" Pro-guard head mercilessly urge a war horse, crazy toward zhang fei rushed over."Hum!" Lv bu's eyes flashed a touch of cold, stretch out his hand empty a clap, a slight air explosion sound, the other side's sword was lv bu separated from the sky shock deviation, although the amplitude is not big, but has enough to avoid the fatal vital points, make the other side lost the last chance to assassinate lv bu, the other side took the opportunity to hold lv zheng, took the opportunity to break away from the hussar riding guard surrounded.迷糊天使全集|




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