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华东医药商务网|联邦动力裤"I don't know." A few of his men looked at each other blankly. Every day pigeons kept flying in and out, wondering what the white birds were for, apparently not for food.< / p > < p > when the public came to the city wall, xia houyuan's chongcheng car is less than 50 paces away from the fortifications, the god of war crossbow has been turned off, even the crossbow, platoon crossbow continuously shot out, but all that chongcheng car baffle was blocked.Especially five years ago, zhaoyun led five thousand cavalry to break liaodong. In less than half a year, with five thousand cavalry, he broke gongsundu's base camp and forced gongsundu to commit suicide, which made lv bu calm youzhou completely. At that time, the central plains was shocked and zhaoyun was at its peak.

"Lord, eight hundred li jingzhou urgent, something has happened!" Cao cao had just returned to his mansion when a dusty messenger came to see him.No unnecessary nonsense, these at the moment in the show weapons, they launched a terrorist attack on lu bu, a bright sword with a cold stab to lu bu and his father, as the successor of lu bu, lu zheng is also on the death list."Kill!" However, the next moment, five soldiers came up to zang ba directly. One of them cut off zang ba's left hand with a knife, while the other two soldiers pierced zang ba's body with their swords. The remaining two soldiers stepped forward to fend off the cao troops around them.华东医药商务网|

华东医药商务网|Is not kuai more do, has not been important, but the CAI and kuai home of this hatred is completely formed, he wanted to destroy the kuai home, kuai home also want to CAI home uprooted, the final result, but it is mutually destructive, the former four families decline, this is probably liu bei most want the result?Chapter 11 solicitation failure"Commander, lu bu now moved to luoyang, we really do not need to tube it?" Chaisang, zhou yu dayying, riverside, zhou yu holding a fishing rod fishing on the river, lv meng came to zhou yu side, puzzled look at zhou yu.

"Roar ~" a group of strong men to push the city car again and again attack the gate, the wall on the continuous earth and stone with the violent impact whooshing down, the thick gate constantly issued an unbearable groan, cracks have been all over the gate, such as this, it will not take long, the gate will be smashed open.In addition, it was also the reason for his influence. Lu bu stayed in chang 'an, but his influence was more in the western regions and the grasslands. It was always far away from the people in the central plains."Once you are granted a king, the world will no longer be a kingdom of han. Once you are granted a king, no matter whether your majesty likes it or not, even if the vassals who fail to get the title of king and knighthood will all set themselves up as king or even emperor. At that time, the 400-year-old foundation of han will be completely destroyed!" Cao cao looked at fu wan sen cold way: "this person, is clearly to disaster!"华东医药商务网|




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