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康作茹|哪里有卖猴子的Zhaoyun a few face twitches, shook his head, for the good friend, also is very helpless, the more capable person, the impulse of a certificate to prove their value, to lu bu pang tong is not seriously, and even let him and cao cao and giffin, Chen gong around the two lyu3 bu4 tied for senate veteran confidant, a lot of well-being, is to pang tong to do, although pang tong to complain, but actually move slow than anyone, but that doesn't mean pang tong don't hope one day to the leading an army, in the western regions, zhaoyun but seen military talents, pang tong Addis can strong xianbei people oppression at the time, Sheng sheng from the xianbei hands for lu bu to lay the foundation of the pacify the western region, pang tong can not do without, such a figure, in this five years, but has only participated in politics, failed to sole charge of the army, mo said zhaoyun, lu lingqi for him some regret."These savages, who call themselves the emissaries of paikche, insist on spending the night with them, and your excellency pays no attention to them."If the Yangtze river waves as the waves of the sea, on the Yangtze river, keel boat are not necessarily better than today's ancient warships protected whith cowhide ships have much advantage, but if by sea, whether security or stability, or load, keel warships are multiplied.

"Great military affairs, ye are not suitable to discuss." Liu ye shook his head and said, "the general ordered people to move these vehicles. As for how to use them, it depends on the general's means. Ye wishes the general success in advance!"Fu finished hearing a sneer, want to force support straight up, but was four tiger guards dead on the ground, can not move a hair."When are you going to send troops, general?" Orchid zhan languid is lazy voice after itself, some hard up, let slip the skin like silk was along the smooth silks and satins, lyu3 bu4 yesterday after consulting with all men, in order to determine your frost countries, specifically to the quartet to find LAN temple zhan asked one night, old lovers meet, wipe gun off accidentally, also is inevitable, well, that's it.康作茹|< / p > < p > the wrong horse and the moment, they killed three cao, the rear white horse camp excited up, and the cao camp, yu ban and a lot of cao army is a collective lost voice, yu ban suddenly some regret, lu bu's army, seems to be the most lack of this kind of.

康作茹|As long as it was not rebellion or rebellion, merely academic discussion or political exploration, lu bu would not be in charge of it. If these words were put in the hands of other princes, they would be beheaded."Well!""Oh?" Cao cao looked at each other and frowned, saying, "follow me."

That year in xuzhou, puyang, as two generals under the command of lv bu and cao cao, two people can not less hand, now meet again, this time, zhang liao is to give xia houyuan a surprise.With the voice of zhao zilong falling, both sides of the door opened, a group of riding foals, age absolutely not more than 10 years old boys galloped out, in the zhaoyun two sides of the line, each carrying a curved pole."The Lord wants to see you once. Follow me!" Maid now face is terrible, cold before schaaf reaction to come over, a palm knocks him directly, two who came in, with a directly sack Chen GUI, wrapped up, walked towards the door, so big Chen Fu, silent, without a sound, a line of three, so blatantly Chen Fu, sacks, wrapped in a car< / p > < p > ready on the cart, with the token of the Chen house, easily left xuzhou, until the second day, the Chen family was found to be full of slaughter, this is since the assassination began, the first uprooted family, as the news spread, caused a greater panic.康作茹|




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