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花呗取现唐朝专业快速行业搜索Ninety thousand troops, mighty from the king's court, stood on the cliff, dense army, like a tide of ants swept across the grassland under the mountain, like a black flood, swept away to the distance.This lombardi was xu togeher that scold, annoyed, where can hear xin comment voice is to make xu togeher to the rear, cut off xu togeher surrender to cao cao.Falling in to the original grant know lyu3 bu4 war, had made many preparations with zhang he, according to the stakes, is one of them, if lyu3 bu4 really broken city, according to the stakes, lyu3 bu4 cavalry can become infantry.

Speaking, step root is not into the back, hand machetes dance a knife light, will be around xianbei cavalry kill scattered, with their horses together, screaming mournfully: "children, with me to kill out!""Boy?" Zhou Cang frowned and looked at He Man and said, "Leave him alone and kick him out.""Monseigneur, will you fight?" Wang Yong looked at Zhang Gu, according to the handle of the knife hand is still shaking.花呗取现唐朝专业快速Said, fierce eyes staring at patronage, will be in the heart of ghosts patronage to see the gallbladder hair.

花呗取现唐朝专业快速"Udang." Lyu3 bu4 twist a head, looked upright when a glance, upright when will to, with a bow and arrow on his back, took a team of people off the horse quietly into the camp.Falling in to grant shook his head: "emperor star hidden, the stars bloom, there are signs of chaos, if the tetrarch can sweep away cao cao, can also redefine jiangshan, but if..."Trial with said, hurriedly put the wave, let already falling in grant hold of the two guards left, smiling at lombardi way: "lyu3 bu4 in the battle of hetao, after defeating the huns, in the north prestige increased greatly, bing zhang he alone, it is better to let the note to bing, adjuvant trial."

D nodded, immediately looked at the mayi fire, gritted his teeth and said: "these thieves!""You?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised to the woman: "with what?"To date, Lyu3 bu4 have taken refuge in the elite, but no one can be arranged into the Attorney General, that is to say, lyu3 bu4 although with them, but at the same time to these elite wariness has not been reduced, the Attorney General, is lyu3 bu4 hands to curb these elite and future generations of development of a sword.花呗取现唐朝专业快速




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