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张歆艺怀孕|duleina"Report to my strategist, detailed to quote, chengdu army has rushed to deyang, and sent twenty thousand troops and wei yan." Just when Zhuge Liang was at a loss, a captain came in and reported to Zhuge Liang.Lu su at the moment dressed in armor, Standing on the top of the wall, Looking at guan yu's camp from afar, this time under orders, he is really feel the horror of guan yu, even this time, will be in suppression pretty more He Qi veteran recruit to help themselves, but these days and pretty more fierce fighting, is the soldiers of jiangdong strong army, in the face of guan yu, was obviously pressed a head.

"Rear team back, prepare for battle!" Wei yan obviously feel that zhang fei ill-intentioned eyes staring at his side, can't relax the surveillance of the other military forces, but the enemy in the rear has also jumped out of the woods at the moment.Looking at the content of the letterhead, although it was expected, but liu bei still feel a bitter intended to echo in the mouth, shu, finally failed to take it down?"Here!" The first time to see tracing the cause eyes reveal such a light, people heart a cold, hurriedly should be a sound, a team of cold and handsome archers in jingzhou captive vacant eyes, quickly surrounded the port, don't wait for jingzhou army to have any reaction, these jiangdong archers have begun to put arrows.张歆艺怀孕|Now Luoyang has not been completely built, but merchants from south to north have already begun to set up a residence in Luoyang, Or as a transit point, or directly set the headquarters of the comptoir in Luoyang, Businessmen chase after profits, In this respect, smell is very keen, since lyu3 bu4 will rule moved to luoyang, then, the economic center will gradually move from changan to luoyang, changan is undoubtedly important, but the future of luoyang, whether political or economic status, with lyu3 bu4 will put their heritage here, also shows that changan will have unlimited business opportunities.

张歆艺怀孕|"Two general, who is this person, don't want to jiangdong unexpectedly also have such a character." Xing Daorong looked at the direction of Qu Acheng, a little surprised...."Blow your own trumpet!" Guan yu eyes, li mang appeared, before just probing, this time two people are actually started a real confrontation.

"Hu Nu bold!" Wei yan see less than a cup of tea time, more than a dozen soldiers died under the man, not from great anger, a sword in the hand, separate the crowd toward the pretty will kill in the past.Chapter one hundred and nine retreat"Any questions?" Pang tong looked at wei, asked.张歆艺怀孕|




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