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晚婚电视剧|快速租赁网If ever, according to the rules, the shu army at least also want to lay off half, only elite, but for now coming, intones difficult line, also not good again from changan and luoyang military forces, and although the guanzhong army elite, but, after all, quite special, and that a set of methods in guanzhong plain in shudu doesn't fit, but is more convenient to use the shu army, and swaney, ling bract these dependency to defect of shu will be more proficient in combat, with their help, more can get twice the result with half the effort."Pardon, captain! In the nighthawk indifferent gaze, a nighthawk wei splash on his knees to the ground, the body as kang sifter general not to shiver.Zhuge liang's eyes on the map down the Yangtze river, he has roughly understand lu bu's intention.

"But an old soldier has such skills." Wei yan complexion is a su, looking at the other side of the horse and soldier to stop, the corners of the mouth pick up a smile: "over there teach me to look at the famous general of shu, after all how!""General, another 50 li, is the city of cushion river, cushion river back of the city, guard the danger, although there is a path, can tongjiangzhou plain, but if the army wants to enter, can only take this road. Looking at the surrounding mountains, deng xian, as wei yan's deputy general, hurriedly introduced the terrain of ba county to wei yan."Ford? "I also have this idea, but how to use it, but it should be carefully considered, but I think that the piece of wang seal should be taken back, one shu, is also the time to seal the king, and can also give liu bei and cao cao between some blocking! What do you think of wen he?"晚婚电视剧|"A place where you can shut up forever." Meng da looked around, no one around, the mouth can not help but pull a sneer, eyes with a touch of disdain.

晚婚电视剧|As the two sides continue to shrink, even the power of the crossbow is also more and more large, to two hundred steps, many generals teng shield began to be shot through, casualties began to appear, let yan yan frowned, shouted: "shield, charge!"You can leave as soon as possible, so that no one will be suspicious. When I have sent you both out of the house, I will tell you to lock up his wife before he leaves chengdu, so that he will not be able to murder anyone in his anger Monda glanced at them, and did not know where the law was drawing these strange things from.

"Don't talk nonsense, I was joking." Wei yan hurriedly said, although he wanted to fight, but important things because of this let pang tong die, he would rather accept the peace of shu.< / p > < p > all of a sudden the river because of the death of zhou yu the authenticity of the news into chaos."Now, your mission is over?" Chen took a deep breath and ignored lv meng. Instead, he looked at fu DE.晚婚电视剧|




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